Our ambition, at Solvay, is to build a new model of sustainable chemistry to provide solutions to the society’s challenges. “Asking more from Chemistry” means responsible success in the way we act, innovate and provide value for society and the future generations.

Our objective is to create more future for all our stakeholders (customers, employees, communities, investors, suppliers and the planet at large).

Through our materiality analysis, we have defined five priority areas and set ambitious targets for 2025, including on social aspects:

“We, at Solvay, strongly believe that building a more sustainable business will create superior value for the society at large. We are convinced, as professional, that sustainability can and must be measured in a robust, relevant and opposable way. This is why we have developed and implemented our “Sustainable Portfolio Management” – SPM – tool in the Group for about 10 years. The SPM tool is rooted in Life Cycle Assessment methodology, the reference practice for environmental impact assessment in the industry and beyond. Today, being a member of the Roundtable is a key opportunity to enrich our tool and progress in the field of Social impacts. The Handbook represents high valuable guidelines for our future expansions and improvements in our social assessments, within the frame of our overall program for sustainability: Solvay One-Planet.”

Jean-François VIOT Senior principal scientist LCA expert