The first meeting of Phase 6 was at Nestlé in Frankfurt in January 2019 and the second meeting of Phase 6 was hosted by BASF on April 8 and 9th at the BASF premises in Ludwigshafen, Germany.

After the successful launch of the Handbook in September 2018 in Pescara, almost all Roundtable members of Phase 5 decided to continue the cooperation in Phase 6. During this Phase 6 the members focus on the application of the updates in the 2018 Handbook with a focus on hot-spot identification, the use of data tools and interpretation and reporting. The experiences will be bundled in an Implementation Guide that will be published in September 2019, during the LCM – Conference in Poznan.

The group sat together for two days to discuss and present the results of the trials with the data tools and preliminary results and approaches on case studies. The meeting was again very interactive and in a constructive atmosphere companies worked together, learned from each other and shared ideas.

The last meeting of Phase 6 will be scheduled around the LCM conference in Poland in September 2019. During this meeting the implementation guide will be launched and the planning and set-up for Phase 7 will be discussed and determined.